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Testing WordPress App for iPhone

Tapping away on the iPhone 3Gs landscape keyboard, using the free WordPress iPhone App.

The WiFi download to the phone was easy and fast. Although I had downloaded it to iTunes before, I didn’t want to Sync the other apps on there, so I just re-downloaded it over-the-air.

I will definaty blog more often with his useful tool. I can’t believe google hasn’t issued a free official blogger app.

I have been waiting for mobile blogging for a while, since I had the worst phone ever (blackberry), and had done enough early-adopting to finally decide to wait 2 years to get an iPhone. Additionally, I could never remember my blogging passwords on the computer-side. I use so many computers with cluttered hard drives full of digital files. It’s difficult to locate passwords and text files that contain such information. Even with spotlight search and so forth.

So here we are. July 2009, so late to the blogging game, but at least I am here. Blogging from the iPhone with all the settings stored, coupled with the device always being with me should prove to be a success.

And I will try to include photos, as well.

Thanks for reading this. Sent from my iPhone.

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